This booklet contains notes on the doctrine of the Trinity and related teaching made
between 1955 and 2008. The original notes made between 1955 and 1984 were in some
cases omitted, amended, amalgamated or split up when they were typed out in April 2000.
The points noted were simply those considered worth recording at the time they were made
and have been used as considered appropriate by the writer in other papers. The later notes
have not been amended to any significant extent.

Extracts from the Koran have been added as an appendix at the end. They give
some idea of the Moslem religion, mainly where it has some bearing on the papers I have

The notes may be useful to persons who wish to study the doctrine espoused in
books 1 and II. Because of the length of time involved it is likely that some points in
the notes have been made more than once.

The Golden Calf on the front cover (not shown here) represents to the writer the humanly contrived
form which came out of the controversies of the early Church as to God and Christ. One
might say as Aaron of the people's gold: "I cast it into the fire, and there came out this
calf" (Exodus 32:24). Put slightly differently: "A credal form was produced which was
not found in the Scriptures".

Unless otherwise stated Biblical quotations are from the translation by J. N.
Darby. Capital and lower-case letters are used in quotes to follow that translation, save
that a capital letter is sometimes used at the beginning of a quote where this appeared to
be appropriate. Square brackets are also used where they appear in Mr Darby's translation
to indicate words inserted to complete the sense in English. Italics have also been used in
the quotes where they appear in Mr Darby's translation. Other brackets ( ) are my own to
enclose explanatory words. Words underlined are those which were underlined in my
original handwritten notebooks. Except in the quotes I have used initial capital letters for
personal pronouns referring to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Any divergence from the
above rules are almost certainly slips.




April 2009